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Winter Adventures

w-photo-galleryEach season in the Wasatch Mountains invites an exciting new reason to explore thousands of acres of awe-inspiring wilderness that Talisker Club Members call home. The brisk winter months bring skiers a powder-filled paradise and cozy sleigh rides through the towering pines.

Outdoor winter adventures that can be enjoyed in a group setting or privately led tour by Talisker Adventure Guides include:

Talisker-Club-snowmobile-outpostSNOW TOURS
Skilled Talisker Adventure Guides lead Members on exciting snowmobile, snowcat, or snowshoeing adventures through wooded canopies to mountain vistas. Members navigate the backcountry while stopping to enjoy gourmet packed lunches.

Talisker Club Members can be pulled through the snow by the wonderful power of sled dogs.  Children, as well as the whole family, will be thrilled to experience the speed, endurance, and heart of these magnificent animals.

For an expedition closer to nature, Members can access the backcountry while cross country skiing or skate skiing on private lands. The convenient Snow Shop at Tuhaye allows the skiers to get well-suited for a journey out into the immaculate landscape.

What is more fun…. sliding down the snow-covered tubing hill or being towed back up behind a snowmobile? Members can experience the exhilaration of the mountain on snow tubes at The Outpost as the enthusiastic Talisker Adventure Guides play chauffeur — hold on and enjoy the ride!

Talisker Club Members bundle up and enjoy the solitude of the river and the serenity of nature at one of its most beautiful times of year to be on the river.